Auto Injuries

In 2015 only, Ohio residents were involved in over 300,000 car accidents.  One in ten people will be in an auto accident in the next 5 years. If you’ve been in a car crash, you understand the pain, trauma and complete disruption this can be.

Even at parking lot speed, whiplashback painheadaches and more can and do occur.   Every 10 seconds someone is injured in an automobile accident, and in an instant some people with chronic pain for decades.  When looking for relief from this kind of pain, look for the best chiropractor Columbus Ohio trusts for true pain relief, Dr. James Fonner.

Dr. James Fonner and First Choice Chiropractic has helped thousands of patients recover from serious injury without the use of surgery or prescription medications.  First Choice also helps prevent the onset of long-term symptoms, enabling patients to lead healthy, active lives.

Chiropractic treatment is the ideal method of care for rehabilitating after a car accident for many reasons.

  • First, injury to the neckspine and back area the most common injured areas during an accident.  Chiropractors specialize in these.
  • Second, many times emergency room personnel overlook soft tissue injuries that lead to significant pain and discomfort.  Our team at First Choice is trained to identity and treat such conditions.
  • Third, many times accident victims experiencing neck pain and simply given a brace and pain meds and sent home.  This fails to address the true source of the problem and does not get you back to enjoying your life again.

Dr. Fonner and the team at First Choice Chiropractic take the time to evaluate and diagnose all possible injures and develops a comprehensive treatment plan to get to leading a healthy and active life again.

We understand the entire body and how all of the parts work together and affect one another.  This allows us to provide you with the comprehensive and individualized care you need to get better and live pain free.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Columbus, OH, Dr. James Fonner is the best chiropractic doctor and will help you recover from your automobile accident injuries and get back to pain-free living again.  Call us today at (614)-418-7122.