Blink. That’s how long it take a whiplash injury to occur. During a whiplash injury the neck is stretched further than the designed range of motion.

Whiplash then misaligns the entire system- from your neck to sift tissue to your spine. During an event as violent as an automobile accident the vertebrae are actually straightened. This is where we see significant loss of motion and the formation of bone spurs.

  • We have a variety of natural treatments for whiplash and other similar neck injuries resulting from sudden stopping during an automobile accident.
  • We reduce discomfort, headaches, and focus on range of motion.
  • We use chiropractic adjustments to reduce your level of pain the swelling and so you can begin the healing process. The duration of treatment varies from patient to patient.
  • We have some that only requires a few treatments, and some require several treatments until they begin to feel normal again.

Many of the factors affecting the length of treatments are severity of the accident, and the length of time before a patient begins chiropractic treatments.

If you believe you have experienced a whiplash injury, unfortunately it will not get much better with time.  Please reach out to First Choice Chiropractic to begin chiropractic treatments.  Typically the longer you go without treatment, the worse whiplash injuries actually get.  Get the relief you deserve and call (614)-418-7122 today.