Back Pain

Chiropractic Care For People Who Suffer From Back Pain

Back pain is the single most cited reason for missed work and as a country, we spend over $26 billion per year to treat the pain associated with it. With all of the focus on back pain, you wouldn’t think it would continually be the world’s leading cause of disability. With the growing emphasis in the world on effective treatment instead of simply costly treatment has led to more and more patients turning to chiropractors for pain relief.  Chiropractors focus on discovering the underlying issues to a problem so we treat problems and not simply symptoms.  Spinal manipulation and adjustment are some of the least invasive forms of medical treatment for those suffering from back pain

Common Misconceptions

That the pain will just go away. 

Yes, this is a commonly held, but untrue opinion.  After 12 months of no treatment, almost 70% of people still experience back pain.  It simply just does not go away on it’s own.  Typically multiple factors actually back the back pain so treating it is more complicated than simply waiting for the pain to subside or take more pain medications.

I can solve this myself.

Many of us are used to going to Web MD to find answers.  That is great for an ankle or a foot, but a back is much more complicated.  Because of the sheer number of nerves, complications of the spine and discs along with muscular and skeleton complexities, the back is a very unique system,  Many times patients describe pain to the untrained eye is a bruised muscle when it is actually a torn disc

Causes of Back Pain

Here are First Choice Chiropractor we see many causes, from automobile related back pain to work related, from pain caused by misalignment, whiplash, sciatic nerve issues, arthritis and more.  Sometimes we even see back pain that is actually caused by disc issues, kidney infections and of course, sports injuries.

Types of Back Pain
  • Sciatica- a condition where the sciatic nerve is compressed, causes pain in the back and legs.
  • Herniated Discs- Discs separating the vertebrae begin leaking fluid.
  • Whiplash induced back pain- This is a very serious accident related source of back pain.
  • Bruised Muscle or ligament injury
  • Irritation of nerve roots

Let us Help you Understand your Back Pain

When looking for the right chiropractor in Columbus Ohio, look for one that helps you understand your pain. The first step is reaching out. At First Choice Chiropractic, we understand your pain is real and all you want is to live pain free and enjoy your life.  We thrive in finding solutions to help you get back on your feet.  If you are looking for the best Columbus chiropractor, call (614)-418-7122 today.