Joint Pain

When you are in an automobile accident, most people experience significant pain when any previous problems areas are magnified. One place many automobile accident victims and people who are injured at work see an increase in pain is in both their hips and joints.

In many cases the severe trauma to the joint due to the accident or work injury can result in several joint issues.  Treating only the pain, like many doctors do, would limit your ability to regain full functionality of the joint long term.

After accidents or work injuries, especially slips, trips and falls, many patients experience tenderness to the point of affecting sleep, sudden and intense joint pain, discoloration in the joint area, and difficulty moving the joint without pain.

We have seen everything from rotator cuff injuries to sprains as a result of an accident.

First Choice Chiropractic specializes in getting you back to living a painful life after an accident.  Our understanding of the human body allows us to develop the most comprehensive treatment plan for your long term health.  If you are looking for a Columbus chiropractor to treat your joint pain, Dr. Fonner and the team at First Choice Chiropractic are here to help.