Neck Pain

Do you ever stop and think about how often you move your neck in a day?

No one does until they no longer can.  Imagine putting a 14 pound weight on top of your neck and moving it around all day.  It is amazing to think how resistant our necks actually are.  That is until repeated use at home or work or even the trauma of an accident changes everything.

And when this happens, the go-to Columbus Chiropractor, First Choice Chiropractic, specializes in addressing your pain to help you get back to living your normal life.

Sometimes neck injuries even cause pain that most people attribute to carpal tunnel syndrome.  The spinal column sends nerve signals to the entire body.  Some of these run from your neck to your back and into the arms and hands.  This is why people mistake the source of pain and think it is carpal tunnel when it is actually the neck.

Too often injury victims do not seek immediate treatment after an accident or incident because they are not in pain.

Unfortunately by the time many people seek medical care, some of the damage may be irreversible. For more information about neck pain, whiplash and common neck injuries during automobile accidents, please visit our whiplash and automobile related neck injury pages.