Sports Injuries

Many profession and Olympic level athletes depend on chiropractic care to reach peak performance. During the waning years of Kobe Bryant’s career, he had two chiropractors travel with him so he could receive continuous pre and post-game care. Even if the Olympics isn’t in your future, you can play longer, feel better and be healthier with sports focused chiropractic care.

Many sports injuries are a result of flexibility issues. The lack of flexibility and strength increases the likelihood of injury. Also, gutting it out or living with the condition only makes things worse. Getting treatment soon can help the injury from becoming a long term, chronic pain.

Sports injuries can generally be categorized into either trauma or a musculoskeletal issue.

Sports trauma happens from normal events in sports- a slip on a tennis court, a fall during a game of basketball, or a collision in hockey. The musculoskeletal type of injuries are typically caused by overuse. Many times people refer to it as tendonitis and it is something they’ve decided they just had to live with.

Columbus Ohio is an active city, so we are very familiar with athletic chiropractic care. At First Choice Chiropractic, we are doctors who understand the human body and the best ways to treat your condition and ultimately prevent it from happening again. We treat sports injuries with everything from massage to manipulation, or rehabilitating training and exercises to focus on weaker areas and strengthen the surrounding muscle.

We will help you stay in great shape and live a healthier, more fulfilling life. If you’ve suffered a sports injury call us today at (614)-418-7122 and we get you back to doing your favorite past time, pain-free.